Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Do the lady truckers have it in them?

Ice Road Truckers was long regarded as the show, which only a man can pull off, as it is hard to imagine a girl riding a big mean machine.
But its seasons are changing for better, as women are really sending ripples in the territory, which was earlier dominated by big tattooed men. The recently aired Ice Road Truckers episodes saw the ladies of the show going head to head with the male battalion.
Lisa, in an all-new avatar, entered a social place, where only men were allowed. She has truly learnt from her past rides, and has grown up from the soft image. She is giving her best in every task put in front of her. Defying her physical stature, she has shown rock-solid will power, which proves that women too can prove their mettle in the rough game show. 
It is being suggested that she is trying hard to get over the image, which has been associated with her earlier, and I believe she is doing it well.
Women brigade joined the show last season and made quite a difference, and this season too, it seems that we will see something similar. As Maya joined the physically demanding show after Lisa, it became clear that the women lot is there to make a point and that also a strong one.
Now, the question is whether the ladies have it in them to make it to the last stages?
Well, if you ask me, I would say they do have some mettle in them.
Download Ice Road Truckers to see Lisa and Maya take on the ground belonging to the men franternity.

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