Friday, 8 July 2011

Who Says Truckers Are All About Women and Beer?

Those who say that truckers are all about women and beer may be just stereotyping on the image of some pot-bellied drivers, they have seen on highways. The truckers of today are more than that, and they believe in doing their share of good to the society.

Dave Redmon, who is a well known trucker from Ice Road Truckers, participated in an event organized to raise funds for helping the people of Shoal Creek Valley, whose lives were shattered by a tornado.

The event named Shoal Creek St. Clair County Charity Ride helped raise money, which would help the people in rebuilding their lives after the natural disaster.

Dave Redmon was the star of the event in which 40 bikers made their presence felt.

Dave reflected that he was out of the country when the tragedy happened. He surely made his share of contribution to help the victims revive their lives.

The present season of Ice Road Truckers is bringing in huge number of viewers as the show is following two different groups of truckers.

The first group comprising of Lisa and Tony Molesky, Dave Redmon and Maya Sieber, started from Alaska and is heading to Dalton with their assignments. The other group composed of Hugh, Rick, and Alex would be driving on the icy roads of Canada, and would be heading to Manitoba to make a delivery to the people isolated from the urban life structure.

Ice Road Truckers download has been keeping the websites busy as the show is making the hearts to beat like anything with every episode. On the turf marked by frozen water, driving is a testing task. Undoubtedly, looking at the truckers with their mean machines makes the blood to rush even faster.

Watch Ice Road Truckers online to see what problems the truckers will face and how they will come out to make their mark on the ice fields.

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