Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Two Truckers Heading to Scotland!

ice road truckers
Truckers on the reality television show, Ice Road Truckers, have traveled the frozen lands to prove their driving skills. Every season brought beefy men on their mean machines trying to travel the dangerous roads around the world to pick the victory flag. But when the news came that two truckers are heading to Scotland, then I literally fell off my couch!

I mean I have seen the brave hearts travel the roads of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, Arctic Ocean, Bettles and Nuiqsut, but why are they heading to Scotland?

Are they off track and have lost their way?

Well, people did laugh when I made my apprehensions known and was informed that the two truckers are heading to Scotland to be part of a Truckfest being held there.

 Alex Deborgorski and Lisa Kelly would be gracing the event, which is marked by the gigantic machines and their drivers.

The event is going to be held on August 6 and 7. It will be organized at Royal Highland Centre in Ingliston.

 Truckfest will host games, exhibitions, Monster Trucks and off course, lots and lots of trucks!

 Lisa Kelly would be gracing the event on both the days. At 28, she is the youngest trucker in the show and has made a name for herself with her trucking abilities.

Well, I am sure men will surely be looking forward to befriend her!

I don’t know what you find interesting in the television series, but I watch Ice Road Truckers episodes to peep at Lisa and the way she handles the mean men as well as machines!

And there will be Alex Deborgorski too.

Well, it’s time to watch Ice Road Truckers online.

You folks, carry on.

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